August 7, 2017 John Tough 0Comment

This post is a bit late but with the whirlwind first few quarters behind me, I finally had time to reflect on joining the Invenergy Future Fund. We had our first close in May and the team has been going full steam since 2016…

When I review potential venture investments, I look for a special team with leading & complementary industry experience that is targeting a big market by addressing a specific, impactful problem. Using those parameters, the Invenergy Future Fund was a personal investment that was too good to pass up.

What is the Future Fund?

The Future Fund is a recently launched venture capital firm focused on making early stage investments in technology companies that address the application layer of the energy & industrial verticals. Our belief is that significant existing and ongoing investments in distributed and modern energy infrastructure enable and require a new host of businesses to maximize, control and secure these assets. These software solutions will be capital light, require domain expertise, and will also be scalable from energy into other industrial verticals. I am especially excited because while our focus is targeting a specific area where the Venn diagram of software & energy overlap,  businesses that succeed in our spectrum will achieve success in other areas of the industrial vertical.

Who are the People?

Succeeding in venture capital in the energy & industrials verticals is not easy. You need experience as an investor through multiple cycles, operating experience, and a deep industry appreciation. With Amy Francetic, Juan Muldoon and myself I humbly believe we have a strong core to execute our plan. Amy is a rockstar with both energy investing experience through the CET and operating experience in high growth technology companies and I am excited to learn from her. Juan – who first found me late last summer- is brilliant, and tireless and has a special way of digging into key company drivers… and risks.  Cameanna Eberly is also a core asset to our team keeping the ship running smoothly. And, alongside us we are fortunate to have Michael Polsky (CEO, Founder of Invenergy) and Jim Murphy (President of Invenergy) to guide us and ensure we see the forest through the trees. I was lucky to have Michael as an investor in Choose Energy and know that his perspectives on the future tend to be accurate. Finally, our team is lucky to have access to Invenergy resources and engineers and operators to help us evaluate and understand opportunities in the increasingly high pace energy and industrials environment. The people and our close resources are undoubtedly are the greatest edge.

What’s next?
We have made one investment in Aquilon Inc. and are continuing to review investment opportunities. If you know of early stage companies with software solutions that have an application in the energy and industrial verticals, please let me know. My email is or you can find me on Twitter @JohnJTough