Team, Office & Travel

Our team has been going into the office 1-2 days per week for the past few months. We stagger and follow all necessary safety protocols. A few of our team members have the antibodies… either through the vaccine or early COVID exposure.

Last week we also went to a team dinner in the west loop, again following the local ordinances.

It has been incredibly rewarding and refreshing getting back into in-person communications. I don’t think we will ever get back to 5-days-a-week in office… but I can’t wait until in-person brainstorming and teamwork is fully normal again.

I also ran a Twitter poll this weekend asking my network when they would allow 3rd parties back into their office. Based on the answers below, I expect work-related travel to come back in Q3.

I don’t intend to fly to SF for every board meeting like I used to… but it is going to be great to get executives and co-investors together in a room again!