The Summer Associate Program

Energize has recruited a group of Summer Associates every year since 2017. We run a rigorous recruitment process and try to give the rising associates as real a full time investor experience as possible.

This summer we had two MBA interns and one undergraduate intern. The effort and contribution from this year’s group has been exceptional and complementary to our existing skillsets.

Both of our MBA candidates are from Columbia Business School and have made intermittent trips to Chicago. Each Summer Associate worked on active investment opportunities (new & follow-on) and created a lengthy deep dive. We begin our summer experience by sharing as much about our thesis with the group and then have the Associates interpret our areas of interest for a “greenfield research idea” that will encapsulate their internship through a 10-week deep dive. I just got the final work product from Honour Masters as she is presenting it to our team later this week. She covered how satellite related applications will impact the sustainability transition. The work product is ⚡️ and we can’t wait to share it with you in a few months. There is no doubt an Energize investment within the thesis and I am sure she has the company in her market map.

I parlayed my undergraduate summer internship into a full time role at UBS. And I had a similar outcome from my first hiring at KPCB and my eventual joining Choose Energy. I believe these programs are the best way to get to know a candidate over a lengthy period of time and imagine Energize will leverage this extended internship structure for all of our post-MBA hires going forward.

(I will cover the other summer associates over the coming weeks)