When Legends Arrive, the Community Wins

I first learned about venture in 2009 and quickly became consumed with the idea of integrating my interests between innovation and finance. I would start my day back then like many still do… by opening up avc.com and reading Fred Wilson’s daily post.

His candid and “bring-along’ approach to investing ran counter to my early investment banking experience. I reached out to Fred back then… and for some reason he would always respond with just a small note. He was building the entire venture ecosystem.

Today Union Square Ventures officially threw their hat into a world that I know well: the climate theme. Here is a link to the post and a summary of the theme from Brad:

The USV Climate Fund invests in companies and projects that provide mitigation for or adaptation to the climate crisis. And here is an incredibly succinct summary of what mitigation and adaptation mean to them:


Here is my take: We are ALL so fortunate that some of the absolute best investors AND community builders are bringing their focus to the climate arena.

At Energize we know that you can generate great financial and social returns addressing the climate crisis. And I know that we are all in a better spot by having Brad and USV show up with their Climate Fund. I can’t wait to see the upside they generate for the entire ecosystem. Hopefully we get to work with them 🙂