Beekeeper Frontline Future 2021

In Q4 2019 Energize Ventures invested in Beekeeper. We were proactive in gaining a position on the cap table. Why? Our energy and industrial network told us of the need to find better company-wide communications and collaboration tools. Zoom and Slack and Microsoft Teams are built for the desktop worker. The deskless worker… The “Frontline worker”… on the other hand has received far less attention and investment from IT budgets. At Energize, we believe that big value and business will be unlocked by providing better digital tools to these Frontline workers.

Enter Beekeeper. Their goal is to “connect the unconnected” and the site shares exactly what this means…

“We wanted to help geographically distributed workforces and non-desk employees feel as if they were sitting right next to each other and to keep everyone in the company aligned. Companies with a large number of non-desk employees have a hard time keeping them in the loop with the rest of the organization. Beekeeper bridges this gap by connecting operational systems and communication channels within one secure platform that is accessible by mobile and desktop devices. You can customize it, schedule automated messages, establish communication streams, create and distribute employee surveys, and so much more. There are endless opportunities for making operations more simple and efficient, all while keeping your teams more engaged and happy to come to work.”


This frontline focus is a passion for cofounders Cristian Grossmann and Flavio Pfaffhause. Like all great businesses, Beekeeper is trying to stand for more than themselves: they want to “own the problem” and be a source of truth as all companies look to bridge the desktop and frontline worker comms channel. After our initial investment we proactively led the next round and are already seeing signs that Beekeeper will be a pivotal communications software platform over the next decade.

As part of their effort to better be a source of truth for corporations that want to address their entire workforce, Beekeeper is hosting the first annual “Frontline Future” conference.

There will be a number of incredible attendees and presentations:

Whether you want to learn more about Beekeeper, their products, or how other firms are addressing distributed workforces… I recommend you register here: Link here