Eileen’s Carbon Emissions Deep Dive

Energize runs our investment process by focusing on deep dives. We engage our broader network (many of which are LPs) to figure out what problems that they are trying to solve, and the location & scale of the budgets available to solve those problems. We use these unique insights to then identify and map market deep dives.

A 2020 engagement with our network led to interest and budget allocations for GHG tracking and implementation solutions. Eileen Waris, an incredible associate on our team, took the lead on the research effort and put together what I believe is the most comprehensive emissions tracking market review and company map.

Yesterday Eileen posted a summary blog of her deep dive on our Medium Page. You can find it here: What is Driving a New Wave of Carbon Emissions Platforms. The deck our LPs will see has nearly 60 pages of analysis and I am certain we have a couple future investments from her analysis.

Go take a read, and follow Eileen on LinkedIn.

Sample graphics also below: