Energy Transition M&A: Aurora Solar acquires Folsom Labs

The next generation energy software firms are going to look quite different than yesterday’s leaders. Aurora Solar is the pinnacle of the next generation and the company’s leadership understands the importance of our increasingly distributed energy landscape. As a result the firm has been investing heavily in building great software products to accelerate that future.

While the energy industry is physically changing, another important change is the arrival to energy of the unique value creation and concentration structure of software companies: the leader in a software market delivers and captures the majority of value creation. With that framework in mind, Aurora Solar today announced the acquisition of a complementary platform and is compounding their lead in the solar software market.

Energize led the Series A in Aurora Solar and participated in the Series B and Series C. Outside of the cofounders, Energize is the largest shareholder and we have invested across our ventures fund, our growth fund and a number of SPVs. We will continue to invest in the company until they reach the public markets.

The details and links are below:

Aurora Solar, the industry’s leading software platform for solar sales and design, today announced the acquisition of Folsom Labs, the developer of HelioScope, the leading software solution for the commercial solar sector.

“Aurora Solar and Folsom Labs share a common mission to build a future of solar energy for all. We built our business to help the solar industry scale through technology, and adding the Folsom Labs team puts us in an even better position to drive the digital transformation of the solar industry.”

Christopher Hopper, co-founder & CEO of Aurora Solar

“Today is a big day for solar. As a result of this acquisition, solar professionals from the residential and commercial sectors can look forward to faster product innovation and an unparalleled customer experience. I’m delighted to welcome the Folsom Labs team to Aurora.”

Samuel Adeyemo, co-founder & CRO