Growing a VC team by 50%

In the past two weeks Energize has had job offers accepted by 3 new employees. One of them is a new investor and the other two are going to be taking leadership positions on our platform team.

We were 10 people going into last week and will be at/near 15 by the end of the year. In absolute terms, this isn’t a huge jump. But when you frame the growth from our baseline, a 50% growth figure seems meaningful.

One lesson I have taken from past operating experiences is that onboarding new hires well starts in the recruiting process. Given the small (but mighty) size of our team and the impact potential for each new hire, every single prospective hire was given an insight into our 10 year vision, and our “Energize Order of Operations”. We had incredible talent in the recruiting process. The reason we shared some of our internal materials with the potential hires was so we could screen for the ambition, culture and trajectory alignment. Our internal team expects to work together for decades to come. We wanted each new hire to see how and why they fit into the team.

The transparency in our recruiting process helped us really find the optimal individual across skillsets and I can’t wait to introduce them to you in the coming weeks. Each individual brings added intellectual, interpersonal, and geographic complementarity to our team. Hiring is also a signal to the market about the direction of the firm – and I look forward to hearing your feedback on what we are building over here at Energize.