Power Down, Episode 0 – A Casual Approach to the Energy & Industrial Transition

I recently recorded the first (hopefully of many!) episodes in a video series called “Power Down“. The idea was hatched between Kevin Stevens of Intelis Capital and me as we wanted to show a more casual approach to discussing the topics accelerating the energy transition and industrial technology movement. We intend to add a 3rd individual to many of the recordings, and if you would like to join, reach out!

Kevin and I go way back as we worked together at Choose Energy, the (then, maybe still?) largest US online energy marketplace backed by KPCB, and ultimately acquired by RedVentures. I will discuss more about Choose’s growth in the future.

On this first video, there is no incredible editor…. the lighting is poor, the sound quality is dubious at times, but I feel the content quality is pretty good.

Our topics in the energy and industrial transition will cover everything from technology, to business fundamentals, the financing markets, exits, general market trends, predictions, and lessons learned.

The video is below and the clip I highlighted starts when Kevin and I talk about what business model changes are needed to enable faster innovation. Here is a summary of these first few minutes:

“we need full alignment between consumption and the business model. It is really hard to create a transformational business when there is deflationary pricing at the top line… people need to start thinking about “what can we do with this excess power and we can start pricing electricity based on value and not some arcane rate…”

Kevin called this “Episode 0” because it really was something we did on a whim, and we would love feedback. What else do you want us to cover? Who else wants to join?