Pressure is a Privilege

Bille Jean King’s autobiography has that title. If you know anything about her, you know that title fits her story arc perfectly.

This phrase is highly relevant for the current sustainable technology environment. Let me break it down:

Pressure (Latin: ‘premere’ -> ‘pressura’ meaning “to push”)

You are pushing yourself. Pressure can be positive: to push for advancement or achievement. Pressure can be negative: fear of letting yourself on others down. Pressure means you are moving away from status quo, or equilibrium. Pressure implies change, and risk.

Privilege (Latin: ‘privus’ + ‘lex’ –> ‘privilegium’ meaning “law affecting one”)

A benefit not equally shared by others. An opportunity. A special right… (whether earned or unearned) Privilege means you have some special position. Select people get complacent with privilege. Others use the benefit as a stepping stone to do more.

My Interpretation of “Pressure is a Privilege”

Being in a position to drive change is a special right

Right now, the climate, sustainability and clean energy industry is under positive pressure. Change is happening. Risks are being taken and entrepreneurs and (yes, I know) investors are driven to be a positive contributor to the industry’s move away from status quo.

It is impossible to work in this space and not feel the momentous changes underway. To be a part of such a high impact arena at such a critical turnover is overwhelming.

We are privileged to be working in this field right NOW – at a point in time when materials, systems and technology advancements provide us an economically viable market for new solutions. We are standing on a century of progress. Now that we are in this favorable position, let’s welcome the pressure and continue to push forward to drive incredible change.