Welcoming Kevin Stevens to Energize Ventures

In the summer of 2014, Kevin Stevens joined the Choose Energy team to help us develop our go-to-market for the commercial business. He came to us with a hunger and intensity that immediately delivered results.

Over time his responsibilities and knowledge-seeking grew. After the sale of Choose Energy he partnered up with Jonathan Crowder (also Choose-alum!) to launch Intelis Capital. Intelis focuses on seed-stage companies within the energy transition. Intelis is a great firm, and has a great portfolio. (And I am a LP!)

At Energize we believe there is an incredible opportunity to create an early venture capital firm that focuses on the energy and sustainable industries… AND that also has a pivotal presence in the growth equity market. The latter half of this statement is not a surprise for anyone who has followed my writing over the past few months. And so while we cannot say too much yet about our Growth Fund efforts, we are making a major investment into the opportunity. And Kevin is leading that effort.

You may also know Kevin as the co-host of PowerDown. To commemorate his joining Energize, we recorded an episode about a week ago… hope you enjoy it!

Here is a link to the Energize Ventures press release. The main paragraph for whey Kevin will be incredibly successful to the Energize portfolio and team can be found here:

While holding positions in business development, product marketing and head of product, Kevin was exposed to the growing pains companies in this stage experience as they scale. He developed a deep understanding for how products get built, how internal processes evolve and what it takes to preserve team culture amidst growth. Put simply: Kevin’s superpower is the ability recognize when companies are ready to scale and systemize operations.

“The energy transition is a generational opportunity in one of the world’s most important industries, and climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our lifetime,” said Kevin. “I’m humbled to work alongside some of the brightest minds working to solve this problem.”

Kevin Stevens, Principal at Energize Ventures