Digital Energy M&A at All-time Highs

Shanu Mathew is a Chicagoan whose interests overlap with the Energize thesis. I’ve been fortunate to know Shanu for a couple years now. Most recently he was at First Eagle, integrating ESG risks into their credit evaluations. Earlier this year he made the jump to Lazard, where he is now Vice President of Sustainability & Net Zero Research. My hunch is that he will be a well-known industry leader in the coming years.

Just today he posted about a Bloomberg New Energy Finance report covering digital M&A. As his tweet link below shows, digital energy startup M&A is growing. We are on pace to hit 40+ exits this year, way ahead of the earlier record. The targeted verticals shown in the graph are our main areas of focus: power software, analytics, drones, IoT…

As industry’s digital transformation expands, I expect these themes will continue to be sought after M&A targets.

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