2022 & Hiring

2022 & Hiring

The Energize team is going to release a more formal summary of our 2021 activities. I can’t wait to share more about that – and about some key events we have underway. (We have 4 investments to announce in Q1!)

There is a lot of change and growth in the market. With so many moving parts it is easy to get disoriented. The times may change, but the basic rules stay the same. And the most important rule is to work with great people, who you trust.

Energize began 2021 with 10 team members. Right now, we have 19 team members (16 onboard, 3 scheduled to start in Q1). Our 2022 team plan has us around 25 by year-end. Why the growth?

We believe the unique characteristics required to be a successful asset manager at the intersection of sustainability and technology necessitates an entirely new type of firm. And we are building that new firm from the ground up. These new team members will help us serve our most important stakeholders: the entrepreneurs. We intend to double down on our commercial value-add, but also grow our platform to better serve the entrepreneurs all the way to their IPOs. We will also better emphasize our approach to sustainability: financial and impact returns are very aligned within our investing thesis, and we are going to help our portfolio better elevate those insights. Of course, we will also grow the investor ranks with 4-5 new investors hires in 2022. Most of these jobs will be posted here.

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