Ford: a Lesson in Leadership on Electric Vehicles

Ford: a Lesson in Leadership on Electric Vehicles

If you have followed this site, you have seen me post some positive endorsements about Ford. I’ve been quite consistent that I think they are the most proactive incumbent automotive OEM to pivot to the electric vehicle movement. In addition to taking their flagship vehicles and making them EVs (Ford F-150 and Ford Mustang) the firm also made a commitment with Sunrun to deliver full-home electrification solutions. The net is that they are “burning the combustion engine bridge” and making the commitment to electrification.

I think Ford will be successful because they are a trusted brand with a diehard following and they aren’t being subtle about their interest and dollar commitment to EVs.

When Ford CEO, Jim Farley, launched the electric Ford F-150, he projected 40,000 cars per year in interest. In September they increased that total to 80,000 vehicles and just yesterday they nearly doubled the figure again: Ford is now building capacity to meet over 150,000 electric Ford F-150s per year.

While Tesla is the undisputed leader in electric vehicles, I think Ford’s trajectory is the most exciting and is going to be the clear #2 player in EVs over the next decade. And they might even make the move to #1. The company’s stock is up 181% in the past 12 months, so I think the market is starting to realize the company’s commitment and opportunity.

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