Hiring a GM for a Hi-Growth Business Segment

Hiring a GM for a Hi-Growth Business Segment

Been off here for a while as have been scaling up a lot of exciting items at Energize. The market forces for the energy and sustainability transition are accelerating and the recent IRA 2022 Bill is a major tailwind. More on that soon.

In the meantime, one of the most exciting hires in the Energize portfolio is about to happen. The role is to be the GM (a P&L owner) of the energy transition segment for this portfolio company. Energy transition is a newer but fastest growing segment of the company, but also the reason Energize invested. The company is already having tremendous success in the space, and has product-market fit. We now need to add leadership and ownership to manage and optimize the growth. While not required, we are likely looking to hire this individual (and other members of the energy transition team) here in Chicago so that Energize can help craft and accelerate the scale.

We are keeping the details intentionally vague on this type of broad distribution but are happy to share more in 1:1 settings. Interestingly enough, energy awareness may not be a heavy requirement as Energize can help train there. Strength in business strategy, sales and GTM leadership is key – with a desire to be creative and scrappy.

If you are interested, or know someone who could be a fit, please do reach out.

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