Home Base & Knowledge Sharing

Home Base & Knowledge Sharing

2020 forced decentralization upon the workforce. At Energize we handled that by revamping our process and focusing on over-communication. This year is a little different. Since ~March we have been back in the office 3-4 days per week. The balance of home/office work feels good.

One of the benefits that is hard to overcome in a fully remote structure is the spontaneity of education and training. In my experience, learning together in an office with a whiteboard remains the best way of transferring intra-team knowledge. Education and training brings a team together and forces team members to make the implicit explicit.

For example, a few weeks back I ran a session on sales efficiency and the nuances to quota ramping and sales cycles. The topic originated when we were discussing a portfolio company’s revenue strategy and I realized some of the team wasn’t as comfortable with the investment (team, capital) required by the company to hit their goals. These session (and others to come) also help elevate the different backgrounds and strengths of our investor group.

There are a lot of reasons to work remote. There are a lot of reasons to have an office. I believe the best way to train and grow a team of investors is in-person. We have hired a number of new professionals here at Energize over the past 12 months and have a few more on the way. To the new employees under consideration for our open roles: we can’t wait to learn alongside you and from your new, additive experiences.

Oh, and Chicago is a great home base. 😎

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