Lux Capital’s co-founder Peter Hebert on Venture Unlocked Podcast

Lux Capital’s co-founder Peter Hebert on Venture Unlocked Podcast

There are a few notable firms in the venture landscape that have emerged with a bang over the past 5 years. One of those firms, Lux Capital, is led by Josh Wolfe and Peter Hebert. While the Lux Capital name is now well-know, the firm’s journey really is a “20 year overnight success”.

Lux Capital was founded nearly two decades before deeptech was a common term. At the time of their founding, most of venture capital was moving away from hardtech and towards internet businesses. The firm has managed the cycles and is now symbolic with meaningful innovation.

The Lux Capital team has been a friend to Energize since our earliest days. I first met Bilal Zuberi (Partner at Lux) when Energize invested in Nozomi Network’s Series B in 2017. Bilal had co-led the Series A and has been a tremendous thought partner on that investment over the years. In 2019, we co-led a Series A into ZEDEDA… where Juan and Bilal took board seats. Over the years we have also become closer with Brandon Reeves. Last year, when Energize was growing both Peter Hebert and Josh offered me and our team great advice. Peter even met with a few of our teammates in the Bay area a few months ago to provide advice on the next stage of growth for Energize.

The net here is that the Lux Capital team are great people with great ethics and drive. We are fortunate to have them in our ecosystem. I suspect we will do more together over the coming years…

Earlier this month, Peter Hebert sat down with Samir Kaji on the “Venture Unlocked” podcast. I strongly recommend you listen.

Lux Capital’s co-founder Peter Hebert on the firm’s 20 year journey, creating multi-generational success, and the changing dynamics in VC 

In the podcast you will hear about how to build a great investment firm, how to support great talent, what traits to optimize for in a hew hire, and how to keep a world-class culture. Check it out.

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