Mark Tomasovic Covering NextEra and Renewable Energy on Collosus Podcast

Mark Tomasovic Covering NextEra and Renewable Energy on Collosus Podcast

Earlier this month Mark Tomasovic recorded a podcast with the Collosus content platform. Colossus engages business experts to cover key themes and companies. In this episode, released today, Mark covers the utility and renewable energy leader, NextEra Energy.

You can find the podcast on any of your podcast applications, or the online link right here.

Here are the questions that Mark answers during the podcast:

Show Notes

[00:03:16] – [First question] – Mark’s background and how he thinks about the energy markets 

[00:03:46] – A broad overview of the electricity market and how it’s structured

[00:05:22] – The value chain and production line of energy from facility to customer

[00:06:59] – What informs how much an energy company is allowed to earn

[00:09:16] – Unregulated versus regulated markets and the risks and benefits of both

[00:11:29] – How the retail electric market looks today and alternative production methods

[00:12:40] – NextEra’s business fundamentals and their current scope and scale

[00:14:45] – The two business arms of NextEra

[00:16:00] – Inputs and costs of the low cost regulated utility side of NextEra

[00:18:33] – NEER being the world’s largest generator of wind and solar

[00:19:43] – How they’re able to get contracts and how they work 

[00:20:03] – Comparison of revenue generated between their different branches

[00:21:26] – How the regulated and unregulated arms work together for NextEra vs its competitors

[00:22:30] – What their most important benchmark is and thoughts on gross margin and profits 

[00:24:33] – Natural cost of capital advantage given the growing focus on  ESG 

[00:25:33] – How COVID impacted the energy space, specifically in electricity 

[00:28:20] – Conventional energy production becoming more expensive in the near future 

[00:30:10] – How reliant NextEra is on government subsidies  

[00:31;20] – Where they spend all their revenue, the price of projects, and ROI

[00:33:01] – How they evaluate projects 

[00:34:19] – Structural differences in renewable  energy business models today

[00:36:18] – What could happen that could negatively impact NextEra’s growth

[00:38:22] – Considering risks when underwriting turbines 

[00:39:15] – Is nuclear power a potential tail risk?

[00:40:05] – Being forward-leaning when adopting digital technology and innovation

[00:41:23] – Lessons that can be learned from NextEra for builders and investors

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