Over 550 daily subscribers (+ analytics!)

Over 550 daily subscribers (+ analytics!)

I started writing here more frequently about 9 months ago with the intent to provide insights about the current operating and investing environment in the early stage energy and sustainability markets. As indicated on the front page of the site, I suspected the audience would be “Entrepreneurs, Capital Providers, and Corporates Accelerating the Energy & Industrial Transition”.

I hadn’t looked at the subscriber number until last week when I got a WordPress notice that I passed 500 subscribed members. (About 20/week are getting added now) I don’t have a mechanism to analyze the email readership but I suspect it is the audience I intended (and some family members, hi Mom!).

A few fun stats from Google Analytics on site viewership (assuming site viewership is a proxy for email subscribers)

  • Top 4 Cities: are New York, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco
  • Country: 85% come from the US, 5% from Canada
  • Sex: 60% male, 40% female
  • Age: 50% 28-35; 50% 36+

Thanks to everyone who checks in. I don’t have a “comments” section to the site as I believe most people check via email rather than come read directly. If you think I should add a comments section, ping me at john@energize.vc and let me know. Or if you have any other advice, I’ll take it!

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