Recorded a Podcast with Chris Wedding

Recorded a Podcast with Chris Wedding

I was on a podcast this week with Chris Wedding and his Entrepreneurs for Impact. Here is his summary below, and the links to the podcast are here:

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Here is the summary from Chris

Want access to $1.2B for investing in climate software? What 4 megatrends are driving climate investment? What is the PMTEDI model? Ask this guy. 😎 [details and podcast below]

My guest on this Entrepreneurs for Impact podcast is John Tough, Managing Partner at Energize Ventures.

Energize Ventures is a leading climate software investor that manages $1.2 Billion across two strategies: #venturecapital and #growthequity.

In addition, John is the former Chief Revenue Officer at Choose Energy, the largest online energy marketplace in North America, and a former investor at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

🎙️ In this episode, we talked about:

– How they make investment decisions using the PMTEDI model (gotta listen to unpack that one)

– The size of checks they write for Series A through C stage companies, and what revenue targets they aim for

– The four megatrends they’re investing in

– How they develop investment theses with deep dives and active pursuit of 60-100 companies that might be the sector winner

– The benefits of investing in climate startups in the EU

– The importance of asking “Why now?” when picking the right CEOs to back

– Why he’s read 200+ biographies as a way to be a better investor

– The reason that you shouldn’t be so concerned with your competition

– How scarcity creates clarity (I know, sounds like a verse from the Tao Te Ching)

– Why “problem first, technology second” is their preferred approach

– And lots more

🙏Hope you enjoy it!

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