5 years at Energize

5 years at Energize

Today marks my 5th anniversary of working at Energize. In 3 months it’ll be the longest tenure of my professional career, then surpassing my time at Choose Energy. I loved my time at Choose- I learned from the best and learned what decisions really mattered. I learned from a great leader in Jerry Dyess about working with every level of the company and staying grounded amidst the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

This 5 year run at Energize has a slightly different feel. When operating a (non-IPO) startup you generally know the path to exit is 4-7 years. With Energize I realistically think I’ll be here the rest of my career. The team is too good. Our opportunity so available. The tailwinds towards digitization and sustainability so strong. The entrepreneurs and talent focusing on these solutions so promising.

We’ve gone from 1 to 20 portfolio companies since I joined. From 3 to nearly 20 great employees. In 2017 we wouldn’t have our first close – a $50M one- for 4 more months. We now have over $750M of capital under management and this quarter we are investing $100M into a single company. Our companies are delivering tremendous financial and impact returns.

I’m excited for the next 5 years and to share those updates with you all. The stakeholders we have on board (employees, entrepreneurs, LPs) are going to take us to entirely new levels.

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