Investing in a Transition, Not the Outcome

Investing in a Transition, Not the Outcome

In recent weeks I have been speaking with an incredibly talented investment professional. Our discussions involved her correct observation about the slight evolution of the Energize investment thesis.

During the early days of Energize, our investment strategy was narrow and predefined: invest in digital technologies that make clean energy more affordable, reliable and secure.

Over the past few years we have intentionally moved from that predefined outcome and language. Rather than attempting to monetize a self-selected outcome (clean energy) we now focus our process on enabling the energy and industrial transition. Our new mission is: Accelerating digital innovation for energy & heavy industry. And with this mission, there is no goal line. There is no preordained, final outcome. Just continued improvement and adaptation.

These are big, complex markets that are under stress and technology-imposed change. And when big markets undergo change, technology firms can rewrite existing economic pathways and generate great returns.

I am comfortable saying that we are not smart enough to know how energy & heavy industry’s story will meander over the coming decades. But Team Energize is smart enough to monitor, research and maintain industry connections along the way so that we can make the most informed decisions. Coupling that learning approach with our Energize Engine approach to investment decisions and I am pretty excited for the part that Energize will play in the energy & industrial transition.


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